"Ophelia" - Odilon Redon 




Spring 2017 Mixtape


named after the infamous cyberattack this spring worldwide, WANNACRY is the Spring 2017 Boat mixtape exchange .


In light of both local and national tragedy that we exist and cohabitate  this year, this mix is a solemn meditation of what Spring traditionally means - death and new life - and what we are faced with in the reality that is 2017 - we find ourselves asking "Why?" and for "Whom" 



*The Rite of Spring ((Part 1)) - Stravinsky
*Love Without Sound - White Noise
*Please Come Home - The Tornados
*Who By Fire - Leonard Cohen
*Sleep Walk - Santo & Johnny Farina
*Tarkovsky ((The Second Stop is Jupiter)) - Patti Smith
*Come Wander With Me - Bonnie Beecher
*The Work of Death - Luboš Fišer
*Eventually - Brenda Lee
*Melancholy Waltz - Brian Eno & Robert Fripp
* Leave Her For Me - The Jades (Lou Reed)



*The Rite of Spring ((Part 2)) - Stravinsky

*Bye Bye - The Cosmic Rays (Sun Ra)

*Death Song - Robbie Basho

*Greensleeves - The Brothers Four

*Come to My Garden - Minnie Riperton

*Let the Sunshine in - Mort Garson

*Just Dropped in -The First Edition

*Fire Leap -Paul Giovanni & Magnet

*Coming on Strong - Brenda Lee

*Once Upon a Time in the West - Ennio Morricone


*Im so Glad you Love me - Juanita Rogers






Mixtape by LTD

Mixtape in honor of Lilith, the demonized first Wife of Adam.

 Lilith is created as equal to Adam from the same dirt. When she is told she must be subservient to Adam, Lilith leaves the Garden of Eden and couples with the Angel of Death Samael. Lilith is forever demonized by the patriarchy because she directly conflicts with its goals of procreation, subservience, and religiously deemed womanhood. 




☽"In the Beginning Woman" - Eartha Kitt

☽"He's Got the Power" - The Exciters

☽"It's a Man's Man's World" - Etta James

☽"I Smell a Rat" - Big Mama Thornton

☽"Gotta Break Away" - Ruby Andrews

☽"Whats Love Got to Do With It" - Tina Turner

☽"Don't Touch My Hair" - Solange

☽"Voodoo Voodoo" - LaVern Baker

☽"Female Energy" - Willow Smith

☽"Bad Girls" - Donna Summer

☽"Woman" - Etta James

☽"I Want to Be Evil" - Eartha Kitt



☽"I'd Rather Be Burned As a Witch" - Eartha Kitt 

☽"Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" - Nina Simone

☽"Bag Lady" - Erykah Badu

☽"I Put a Spell On You" - Sonique

☽"Get It When I Want It" - Candi Staton

☽"Babylon" - SZA

☽"Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away" - Odetta

☽"Ring My Bell" - Anita Ward

☽"I'm A Woman" - Koko Taylor

☽"Keep the Fire Burning" - Gwen McCrae

☽"Brujas" - Princess Nokia

☽"Gloomy Sunday" - Billie Holiday


☽"Black Little Angels" - Eartha Kitt





Recorded Lecture from Sun Ra's 1971 class at UC Berkeley "Black Man in the Cosmos" , "Sun Ra 171" or also named "Black Man in the Universe"


Hijacked from Ubu to Spread the Knowledge

space is the place.jpg

Reading List From His Class Reposted as Well:


☉The Egyptian Book of the Dead




☉Alexander Hislop: Two Babylons


☉The Theosophical works of Madame Blavatsky


☉The Book of Oahspe


☉Henry Dumas: Ark of Bones


☉Henry Dumas: Poetry for My People eds. Hale Charfield & Eugene Redmond, Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press 1971


☉Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing, eds. Leroi Jones & Larry Neal, New York: William Morrow 1968


☉David Livingston: Missionary Travels


☉Theodore P. Ford: God Wills the Negro


☉Rutledge: God’s Children


☉Stylus, vol. 13, no. 1 (Spring 1971), Temple University


☉John S. Wilson: Jazz. Where It Came From, Where It’s At, United States Information Agency


☉Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan: Black Man of the Nile and His Family, Alkibu Ian Books 1972


☉Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf, Comte de Volney: The Ruins, or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires, and the Law of Nature, London: Pioneer Press 1921


☉The Source Book of Man’s Life and Death (Ra’s description; = The King James Bible)


☉Pjotr Demianovitch Ouspensky: A New Model of the Universe. Principles of the Psychological Method in Its Application to Problems of Science, Religion and Art, New York: Knopf 1956


☉Frederick Bodmer: The Loom of Language. An Approach to the Mastery of Many Languages, ed. Lancelot Hogben, New York: Norton & Co. 1944


☉Blackie’s Etymology



via Dangerous Minds and audio courtesy of Sensitive Skin Magazine